I hope to exhibit new work at whatever exhibition I do. However subjects are repeated from time to time. I have familiar and favourite themes that get revisited – local compositions in the North East, Scotland. These contrast with the big open landscapes I do – typical of Old Kincardineshire.


Fundamental to my art practice is the process itself; basic painterly concerns which are in part intuitive… initiated by perhaps colour contrasts observed or a quirky composition…

The medium is generally influenced by my choice of subject - the medium being acrylic (on canvas) using the palette knife. This tool offers a textural quality - which is not too graphic but inexact and raw/lively- which suits landscape/stonework…acrylics have a drying time, which helps build up layers; this can separate the colour nicely.

You will see in the archive one or two paintings using brushes…i.e. ‘Loch Nevis’ I enjoy the contrast and work this way when it suits.